Bangkok on a Budget

Experience Bangkok on the Cheap

This is the ultimate guide to enjoying Bangkok on a budget. Bangkok is renowned as a place where your precious pennies go further, and it’s true… but you’ll need to learn the tips and tricks to make sure you have the best time possible without wiping out your bank balance.

Luckily for you, have clubbed together our collective knowledge and come out with this guide, covering everything you might want to do. Pretty much all of us arrived here wide-eyed and broke, so we know how to make every baht last as long as possible, while still loving every minute in this incredible city!

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Cheap Things to Do in Bangkok

10 Best Things to Do on a Budget in Bangkok

10 Best Things to Do on a Budget in Bangkok

The best budget tours in Bangkok are a great example of how much further your money can go in Bangkok compared to many Read More...

10 Dos and Don’ts for Saving Money in Bangkok

10 Dos and Don’ts for Saving Money in Bangkok

Travelling to Thailand on a budget? Well, lucky for you, we know all the tricks to help you save money while in Bangkok. Read More...

5 Great Backpackers Tours in Bangkok

5 Great Backpackers Tours

Visiting Bangkok on a budget and still want to see the main sites without having to max out your credit card? There are Read More...

10 Tips to Party like a Local

If you want party in Bangkok like a true local, there are some things you have to know first. Let us guide you through Read More...

5 Great Bars on Khao San

5 Great Bars on Khao San

Khao San Road and the surrounding area (Soi Rumbuttri and Pra Atit Road) contains a rich and varied nightlife scene for Read More...

5 known scams in Bangkok

5 Known Bangkok Scams

Bangkok is a great city to visit, blessed with a very high level of safety compared to any other country in the world. Read More...

Get Around Cheaply

Buses in Bangkok

How to Ride Buses in Bangkok

Buses in Bangkok provide an incredibly cheap way to travel from one side of the city to another. It's also a great way Read More...

River & Waterways

Exploring Bangkok by boat

Exploring Bangkok by boat is cheap and in some way more authentic - but confusing! We compiled this river manual, Read More...

Bangkok Train Station - Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Bangkok Train Station

Hua Lamphong, or Bangkok Train Station, is the main terminal to northern, eastern, northeastern and southern Thailand. Read More...

Cheap Foods in Bangkok

10 Best Local Restaurants in Bangkok

10 Best Local Thai Restaurants

This list of local street restaurants is a mixture of our all time favourites and some of the best we’ve found lately. Read More...

5 All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in Bangkok Under 500 Baht

An all-you-can-eat buffet in Bangkok is the smart choice if you are looking to stock up on a budget, and with any of our Read More...

Street Food in Bangkok

Bangkok Street Food

Street food vendors are convenient, delicious and cheap alternative to restaurants. The usual offerings include noodles, Read More...

Best Budget Hotels in Bangkok

10 Best Value Hotels in Bangkok

Affordable hotels in Bangkok can sometimes be a gamble, but not with our recommendations! Here you will find cheap, Read More...

10 Cheap Hotels in Bangkok

10 Best Cheap Hotels in Bangkok

Cheap hotels in Bangkok are plentiful to say the least; this is a city teaming with comfortable and convenient Read More...

10 Cheap Bangkok Guesthouses

10 Cheap Bangkok Guesthouses

Guesthouses in Bangkok offer comfortable, affordable places to stay whilst keeping things simple, usually with limited Read More...

5 Coolest Bangkok Hostels

Booking a cheap hostel in Bangkok doesn’t mean you have to put up with cold showers, stained bedding and cockroach Read More...

5 Best Cheap Hostels in Bangkok

5 Best Cheap Hostels in Bangkok

If you are looking to save some pennies but still want to stay somewhere cool and happening, Bangkok has some great Read More...

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